Terms of conditions for Winter Sports Equipment

1.) The hirer is fully responsible for rented sports equipment at all times during the rental period. It is not permitted to pass on hired equipment to third parties.

2.)  The payment of Rental equipment is due at the start of the hire period before the equipment is taken from the shop. The hirer is required to present a photo-identification document and understands that for certain categories of equipment the document will be held as a deposit until the equipment is returned to the shop.

3.)The hired equipment is NOT insured and insurance is not included in the normal rental tariffs. In the case of theft, breakage or damage to the equipment the hirer is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement up to the current value . The costs for lost or damaged equipment are as follows

Bronze Equipment  150 Euros.
Silver Equipment  250 Euros.
Gold Equipment  400 Euros
Platinum Equipment 550 Euros.

A receipt will be issued for the hirers own insurance company.

The hirer has the chance at the start of the rental period at a cost of 20 Euros to insure the Equipment against theft and breakage with the Zurich Insurance company for the entire rental period. 

4.) Upon payment of an insurance fee of 20 Euros before the rental begins theft, breakage or damage caused by appropriate use may be covered, with no  excess charge. A ski lock is included in the insurance charge in which the hirer can keep once all equipment has been returned.

5.) In the case of theft, the hirer must report any such loss to the local Police authorities within 24 hours and must also inform the rental company. In the event of  insured rental equipment the customer must bring a police report stating that the ski or Snowboard was locked when stolen. On production of the police report the customer is then entitled to replacement equipment with the understanding that the new rental equipment is not insured. A further Insurance costing 25 Euros is needed for the remainder rental period.

Ski Poles cannot be insured and cost 10 Euros to replace. Footwear is also not insurable and will be charged at replacement cost.

6.) The exchange of rental skis or Snowboard equipment is possible on the evening after the first days skiing free of charge. After this period a charge will be levied.

If upgrading to a higher quality, then the difference in rental becomes due according to current pricelists. Upgrades can be done at any stage of the rental period.

6a.) All rented equipment is rented out in a serviceable condition. Due to the nature of Alpine Sports, equipment can malfunction!  The hirer must bring the equipment back to the shop for repair. If the customer chooses to repair the equipment at a different location the cost is the responsibility of the hirer. No costs can be claimed back in any case !

7.) In the event of injury or illness, rented sports equipment must be returned without delay, accompanied by a doctor’s certificate. In this case, the cost of any unused rental period will be re-funded, calculated from the following day. Customers who book online or through a third party must seek refund through there insurance or travel agency. If no payment was made in the shop then there is no claim for a refund.

8.)  Rental of equipment beginning after 1500hrs will be charged from the start of the next calendar day. All equipment must be returned before 1700 hrs on the last day of the paid rental period. If the rented equipment is brought back later then the hirer will be charged for the extra time at the rate listed in the current pricelist.

9.) If rented sports equipment is not used for reasons of poor weather conditions or other difficulties, then refunds cannot be made. A refund of unused rental fees following a premature return of rented equipment will only be considered where a hirer is forced to depart due to exceptional circumstances. This will be paid in the form of a credit note for Kaplenig sport shop. Following a normal return of rented equipment it is the customer’s responsibility to collect any surety deposit, passport or credit card imprint.

10.) The hirer must ensure that equipment is stored so that theft or loss through mistaken identity is minimised.  To this end, skis should be stored in ski-safes or stacked singly and away from each other but the locking of skis with a ski lock is the best solution. Overnight, rented equipment must be stored in a locked hotel ski-room or ski depots.

11.) The completion of the computer check in procedure is an agreement the hirer confirms the authenticity of his/her personal details as used for the professional setting of bindings. The hirer may not alter these settings unilaterally. It is also an acceptance of all Terms and conditions made by Ian Kilgour , Rent For Fun , Mayrhofen

12.) Should the rental equipment not be returned within the specified period the hirer will be reported to the relevant authorities for suspected theft and will be responsible for the extra rental charges incurred. Prosecution will take place at the local courts in Zell am Ziller.